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Plain White Labels

Zoom Direct have a wide selection of simple multi purpose plain white labels produced by top quality manufacturing brands:  Zweckform and Esposti.  Our range includes a wide variety of labels of different sizes and shapes from the very smallest 8mm x 13mm to the largest 78mm x 118mm.  All our plain white labels are made from top quality paper and self-adhesive,easy to write on and straightforward to use.  Our range of plain white labels are suitable for multiple uses at home or in the office.

Whether we're at home, in the office or at school; everyone needs labels. They're convenient, cheap and essential for many basic tasks. Maybe you need sticky white self adhesive labels for addresses that are printable, or maybe you're just looking for a standard white label, or even simply general purpose sticky labels. At Zoom Direct we can cater to all your labelling needs!

Home - We all know that labels can be useful, but did you know they can also save you time? These days many people use them for tasks such as sending out Christmas cards. Instead of spending all that time writing out addresses, why not use printable labels to do the job for you. If you're worried about it looking to business-like, you could even use round labels for that added elegance and personal touch.

School - Sticky labels are essential in a school and classroom environment. Not only are they great for all that administration work such as filing and marking, but they're also perfect as name stickers for children on school trips and outings.

Office - In the workplace, business stickers are indispensable. For invoices, mail-outs or general administration, most modern offices couldn't survive without the use of humble white labelling! As long as the world needs paper, it will also need sticky labels. That's a fact.

Where can I buy labels online? - As leading label suppliers, at ZoomDirect we have a great range of products for almost any need you can think of. If you're a business or school then be sure to come to Zoom Direct for a bulk discount on your office stationary. All our desk stationary is delivered directly from stock, so you can be confident that our UK delivery times will be extremely fast.