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Round Dot Stickers and Markers

As a leading UK business stationery supplier, Zoom Direct has a fantastic range of coloured dot stickers, ideal for use as business stickers. Our range includes coloured and black and white products, and our dot stickers have hundreds of uses in the office, school or home environment.

In the workplace sticker dots are a simple but essential tool necessary to keep a business running. As they say, you have to worry about the small things before you worry about the big things! Small dot stickers are perfect for filing, colour coding or bringing visual attention to important documents and presentations. Perhaps you're giving a speech and need to visually distinguish acres of black and white text, in such a scenario red dot stickers can be ideal for marking out those key passages.

At home coloured dots stickers and labels can also be extremely useful. Why not use them to highlight special occasions on wall planners and calendars, or even just for simple labelling. One inventive use is to organise your To Do list using red dot stickers for urgent tasks, and green dot stickers for the less pressing jobs. You can even use the different colour stickers to reward good behaviour for children. And when the kids are at school, well of course what else would a teacher use for marking those good, and not so good, pieces of homework!

Where can I buy coloured dot stickers online? If you're a school or business looking to buy coloured dot stickers or labels, then look no further than Zoom Direct. In addition to the rapid delivery times on our office stationary, all of which is delivered directly from stock, we can also offer a bulk discount so you can be certain that you're always getting the best deal.