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Ring Reinforcements

Reinforcement rings are great for protecting hole-punched paper or file dividers from tearing. Sheets of paper in files can be flimsy and often end up falling out and getting lost. Reinforcement rings prevent this from happening. Keep your files neat and tidy, and all your punched documents secure. The reinforcements can be used when the documents are first filed to make the holes sturdier or they can act as a repair method for damaged hole-punched areas. Depending on the severity of the wear and tear, the reinforcement rings can be used on just one side or both sides of the hole-punches. They can also be used as general stickers in art and crafts as they are available in bright colours - why not try transforming them into something interesting using a bit of creativity!

We offer a range of vinyl reinforcement rings ideal for sheets of paper or dividers that are used multiple times to strengthen the hole-punched area. We stock reinforcement rings as part of the Zweckform brand collection of stickers. These high quality ring reinforcements are available in both white colour rings for professional documents and coloured rings to brighten up documents. They are self adhesive making them easy to attach and secure once they have been placed. We stock sets of 160 and 250 rings, providing excellent value for money and long lasting packs. These are a key item of stationery to have on hand if you file hole punched documents regularly.

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