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Scientific calculators are indispensable products that can be used in the home, office or workplace. With the ability to solve complex problems at the touch of a button, our models from the likes of Casio and Sharp will meet all your needs and more. With a solar powered desk calculator you can even forget the need for batteries, and concentrate on getting those sums right, confident that your trusty calculator will always be ready by your side!

With cheap calculators available from a great range of top brands, whether you're doing simple maths problems or serious calculations, we have the perfect type of desk stationary for you. Scientific models are now cheap and available to everyone, and can handle trigonometric and statistical calculations, as well as a great many more tasks. This makes them perfect for the budding maths student, or for crunching numbers in the office.

For the office and home we have a great range of desk calculators that are solid, reliable and dependable. Always at your side, you'll never struggle again with those difficult problems. For people that need something more portable, our pocket calculators are the perfect solution. They easily slip into a pocket, bag or briefcase, so you can use them around the home before taking them to your place of work or education.

So when you need a bulk discount on your office stationary, come to Zoom Direct for wholesale products such as our cheap calculators. As a UK supplier of stationary we have the right product for every situation! All products from ZoomDirect are delivered directly from stock, so you can be sure that our delivery times will be the fastest in the United Kingdom. So next time you're wondering where can I buy calculators online? Look no further than ZoomDirect.