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Memory Cards

In the digital age an SD memory card is an essential item for most people, and an indispensable product for schools and businesses. Small, portable and sturdy, SD flash memory sticks for USB are the ultimate way of carrying around large amounts of data safely and securely. Smaller and faster than older methods of storage such as floppy disks or CD-ROMs, a memory stick also has thousands of times more capacity. Additionally, with no moving parts, a flash USB memory stick is the safest method of securing what's important to you.

In the workplace or school, memory sticks are often the only solution for our modern data needs. With a Verbatim memory stick you can literally store thousands of text documents, and a USB drive is usually considered essential for backing up important data that you need to transport or simply keep safe. Many people find it useful to keep memory cards plugged in to a laptop or PC, routinely backing up data as they go about their work. In the event of a disaster such as system failure, all data will still be securely stored on the memory USB stick.

For personal use a USB memory stick is also practically essential these days. Don't forget that a 4GB USB flash drive can hold around 2,700 photos, 1,000 songs, or even six full length movies!

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