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Hole Punches

Depending on the task in hand, hole punches come in many different varieties. A small hole punch or a 2 hole punch is great for organising a small number of documents in a folder. For a larger amount of paper, or simply heavier documents, then a heavy duty or large hole punch could be a better fit for your needs.


When people talk about functional design classics, the simple hole punch should always get a mention! Handheld and durable, this fantastic piece of engineering will continue to be a mainstay of any office or school as long we need paper. It's also a great tool for using around the home, brilliant for filing away all of those important bills and papers.

Or for something with a little more versatility, why not go for a multi hole punch, this way you get the best of both worlds. Totally adjustable, this is a product suitable for a great range of tasks.

Using a hole punch to organise documents in a ring binder is still the simplest method for keeping things together and secure in one place. Documents that have been ‘punched' can even be attached using simple ties, which can help reduce the amount of space used when filing and organising.

As leading UK stationary suppliers, at Zoom Direct we have a great range of products, from the most simple paper hole punch, to the small 4 hole paper punch. If you're a business or school then be sure to come to Zoom Direct for a bulk discount on your desk stationary. All our stationary is delivered directly from stock in the United Kingdom, so you can be confident that our products will reach you in no time at all.