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Guillotines & Trimmers

A guillotine can be seen in almost every office or school, and for good reason! Put simply, paper trimmers and cutters are essential for any organisation that uses lots of paper. An office guillotine can be used to trim print outs or presentations, while for schoolchildren, artists or crafters a card guillotine or craft paper trimmer can be used to make sure those designs and projects look neat and professional.

Rotary trimmer - This type of paper trimmer is traditionally used for larger sizes of paper such as the a3 format, and allows the user to make extremely precise alterations to whatever they're working on. Great for crafters or those whose work involves design, these trimmers can be used for paper, card or even laminating pouches.

Cutting ruler - Usually made from aluminium with a steel blade, these simple paper trimmers are great for creating neat and simple work, or cutting templates for more intricate designs.

A4 guillotine - This most common type of guillotine machine is used in almost every office and school, because it's designed with the most common size of paper in mind. Perfect for trimming hand-outs and documents, they can also be used to prepare paper for binding so that all the sheets are uniform and will align correctly.

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