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Cash Boxes

A cash box is the perfect way to keep your valuables safe, and we have a great range of models that cater to every need. Secure cash safe boxes come in sizes large and small, and are made out of a range of materials that suit different purposes. For instance a lockable cash box can be both metal and portable at the same time, which is perfect for those that need to move their valuables around from place to place, secure in the knowledge that they are protected.

For the home - Portable cash boxes have many uses around the home. For those trying to budget they can be extremely useful, as many people will take out their money for the week and store it securely in a petty cash box, so it's always on hand to pay for unexpected bills or simply your weekly shopping. Mini cash boxes can also be kept almost anywhere, and you can even use them to safely store valuables such as jewellery, keys, or even important documents such as your passport or driving licence.

For the office - A cash money box is the perfect solution for managing petty cash in a workplace environment. With many small enough to fit in a desk or cupboard, you will always have petty cash to hand, secure in the knowledge that it will be safely locked away.

For students - If you are a student or just living in shared accommodation, a security cash box is the perfect solution for keeping your money, valuables or documents safe. Maybe you have years of important coursework stored on a memory stick, and just need somewhere safe to keep it locked away?

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