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Adhesive Glue

At Zoom Direct we stock a collection of different types of glue, including non-branded and branded items such as UHU, Pritt, Bostik, and 3M. We stock the popular brand, Pritt stick with its high quality, quick application, clean finish and it is solvent free so you can be sure it is safe for kids to use. For putting up posters or notices, Blu tack is a great choice as it is easy to use, you can choose how much you apply and it is easily removable. For professional notices or where the tack can be seen, the UHU range has white tack which does not stain. Either of these tacks can be used for a multitude of purposes such as sticking paper on walls, or securing items to surfaces for example telephone memo pads. We also have UHU all purpose glue that can be used on a variety of materials, securing permanently and has the added benefit of being transparent so the glue can't be easily seen. Other all purpose glues include Bostik extra strong all purpose adhesive, with the option of solvent free, which can even be used on porous items making it ideal for use as fabric glue. Bostik super glue is the perfect adhesive for repairs as it dries in seconds and has a powerful bond. For temporary quick fixes Bostik glu dots are an alternative to Blu tac, drawing pins, adhesive strips and staples. They are ease to use and will stick to almost anything. For permanent fixing Bostik extra strength glu dots are also available. For art and crafts both at home or school, PVA glue is the best option as it solvent free so is safe for children to use and is great for use when sticking paper, card or fabric. Our glue spreaders are perfect for use with PVA glue as they give even application and are washable for easy cleaning. If you are looking to mount paper then our Spraymount, 3M spray glue is just what you need. It gives even coverage and allows for repositioning after initial application. It is one of our best selling branded adhesives.

Adhesive glue is commonly used to stick items together, but it has many different purposes. Some tasks required permanent adhesive, whereas others need temporary fixing. Glue is not just needed for manual tasks there are lots of other adhesives which are used in offices or schools, and glue is also often used in arts and crafts. Types of adhesive glue can include Blu tack, white tack, Pritt stick, all purpose glue, super glue, PVA glue or spray glue.