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Maths Sets

Maths sets are incredibly useful in schools and universities and contain all the required tools that are necessary in subjects such as maths, science and design and technology. At Zoom Direct we offer several different maths sets as well as individual compasses, protractors and angle measures that are perfect for students. If you are looking to purchase supplies for your school online then you have come to the right place – we offer great prices and excellent service.

Amongst our stock we have a locking compass made by Helix. Featuring toughened plastic and a stabilising arm, this reliable compass is great for use in maths and art lessons. It has a safety point to avoid accident and is suitable for students of all ages. We also supply a pencil case study set which includes a protractor, set square, pencil, sharpener, rubber and pens inside a clear plastic pencil case. Clear pencil cases are now a requirement for students doing exams so this is a perfect item to supply to your students preparing for exams. We also stock specific maths sets that include essential maths tools inside a durable plastic case. We also stock more high-end products such as the Helix Oxford set of mathematical instruments – a stylish and incredibly useful set of accurate maths tools. Our Helix Drawing Set contains all the basic technical drawing tools required and is ideal for use in schools and universities. It is a must-have for any design students who need to draw accurately and neatly. Our individual angle measures and protractors represent great value for money and are extremely useful to have in stock. Students often lose and break their own maths equipment so it is always handy to have a supply so as not to prevent them from learning.

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