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UHU glue and tack is renowned for its reliability and durability. UHU glue has a wide range of uses and can be used on china, wood, glass, metal and ceramics. It is fast sticking and permanent making it ultra-reliable. Our multi-purpose UHU products are of the highest quality and can be used on virtually any type of material. Our UHU white tack is also renowned for its reliability and has literally thousands of uses. It is also reusable - one pack of white tack will last you a long time! White tack is an essential tool in arts and crafts and always comes useful. It is also great for fixing posters to walls and does not leave a colour stain. It allows you to stick paper and small objects to a multitude of surfaces in the home, school or office with ease. There are so many other uses for white tack and the list is endless! You might wish to secure a telephone to a wall, or stop a lamp from moving around - UHU white tack is the answer!