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At Zoom Direct we stock foam shapes as part of our ‘Fun' art and crafts range. Our foam shapes are 3D and contain both letters and numbers, but also other random shapes for children to identify. There are approximately 100 multicoloured shapes in each pack. They are perfect for craft sessions with children as the shapes are large enough in size for children to handle, they are lightweight and can be easily stuck down with glue to create simple designs. Foam shapes are a great way to encourage learning in children through a fun and interesting activity. As these shapes are made of foam they can also be used during bath time as they will float on the water and can be stuck to bath tiles for added enjoyment when bathing.

Many people will remember playing with foam shapes as a child, perhaps in the bath or creating unique artwork but gluing the pieces on paper. Using alphabet or number shapes in particular can stimulate a child's imagination and aid their development, for example with spelling. Foam shapes are also great for children to play with as they are safe for them to use and introduces them to a new texture. They are also often brightly coloured to catch your eye and they make whatever you produce stand out even more. There are many possibilities when using the foam shapes such as creating collages, decorating cards or adding depth to pictures.

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