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Chalk is used mainly on blackboards for temporary writing. Chalk can easily be removed by wiping with a cloth and a new word can be written immediately after in the same place. This makes the application of chalks very easy, convenient and it is ideal for purpose both within the home and at school, with its continual usage properties. Whilst white is the most widely used type of chalk, it is also now available in a variety of colours enabling you to even create drawings and pictures. Writing and sketching with chalks can be a great art and craft activity for children, and introduces them to new textures and finishes.

Where can I buy chalks online? Zoom Direct offers a range of blackboard chalks, from the well known brand Crayola and the ‘Fun' kids range. Both collections have reusable storage boxes to house the chalks securely, reducing the risk of breakage or shattering. The Crayola chalks come in packs of 12, either white or coloured, and have the added benefit of being anti-dust. Gone are the days of mess and dust clouds when using chalks! The ‘Fun' range of chalks for kids also come in white or an assortment of pastel colours, in packs of 12. These chalks are perfect for kids during play time but are also great for professional use by teachers. The packs of 12 present excellent value for money as each stick is of high quality and will last a long time.

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