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In our range we have a ´5 Eraser pack´ which features several coloured rubber erasers. They are ideal for use in the office, school or at home and offer clean erasing. We also offer a tub of pencil erasers that are great for use in school where it is likely that erasers will be used by plenty of people. The erasers come in a sturdy plastic tub with a screw-on lid and the rubber erasers come in four fun colours – red, blue, yellow and green. We also have the very well-known Staedtler plastic eraser whose classic design makes it a great choice. Housed in a neat cardboard design, the Staedtler prevents users from staining their hands with pencil markings and enables the eraser to be worn down neatly.

Erasers are an essential item in the office environment and are an invaluable tool for neatly correcting pencil mistakes. Are you looking to buy erasers online? Zoom Direct have a good range of rubber erasers that will suit your needs. Whether you are looking for office or university supplies or need to restock your classroom, we offer a range that will accommodate your needs. Can you think of instances where an eraser or two would come in handy? They are typically one of the most common items of stationery to go missing so having a good supply (particularly when there are children about) is useful!

All of Zoom Direct´s catalogue is in stock and we offer next day delivery on all items. There are wholesale pricing options on large volume orders and we include a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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