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Baby Books

Can you recall when your child took its first steps? What was the first word your child said? Such memorable moments in the lives of our children are extremely precious to us but often such moments go unrecorded. We are sometimes too busy and preoccupied to make a proper note of such occasions and we regret not doing so in later years. Having a baby book at hand means you can easily keep a note of your baby’s progress and the memorable and amusing moments in those first few years. It is also a great place in which to store photos and memorable souvenirs and will act as the perfect record of your child’s early life. We are all aware of how fast those initial years go and we often regret not noting down those precious moments we spend with our new born. Whether it is first words, learning to walk or meeting people, having a baby book will preserve these memories. In years to come such a book will be great when reflecting on the wonderful memories you have of your child growing up and will perhaps be the source of both amusement and embarrassment!   

Baby books make great presents for couples who have just welcomed a baby into the world and will act as a great prompt to begin recording their young lives. A baby scrapbook will not only serve to remind you what having a baby was like but can also act as place to preserve things such as hospital arm bands and best wishes cards from well-wishers. Our baby books are available in blue for boys and pink for girls and feature a gingham pattern and teddy bear on the front cover. There is plenty of space to add photographs and notes and the book is designed to last years of use.

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